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sales team

Alpine knows the critical importance of an efficient sales team to the retail energy supplier. Regardless of whether sales is an internal or external effort for your company, Alpine’s tools allow sales-focused individuals to get back to doing what they do best—opening new business. 

With a system full of self-serve functionality, your sales reps and channel managers don’t get bogged down in the sales process.

  • Quick and easy deal entry process
  • Real-time custom quoting on every deal
  • Ability to pull customized contracts directly from portal
  • High-level and detailed reporting according to sales structure
  • Ability for internal channel partners to manage more sales groups
  • Training tools and documentation for new system users


Alpine’s robust software and reporting functionality caters to the supplier’s executive-level team in a number of approaches. Through a number of flexible reports, the executive can get a high-level overview of the sales forecast, margin numbers, volume of deals, etc. Depending on the level of detail warranted, executives have the ability to drill down into the data to get a more granular view.

The systems’ leveled layers of access based on user and permissions group help keep the executive-level data secure.

Lending Providers

As a lending provider, challenges around proper pricing and risk management policies are always at the forefront of a supplier relationship. By utilizing Alpine’s industry-leading software, lending providers are able to extract and verify their portfolio’s data on a daily basis.

Tools identified as critical to the lender-supplier relationship include:

  • Daily roll-up reporting for all suppliers within a specific portfolio
  • Position reporting by pricing component—RPS, capacity, risk, etc.
  • Flexible ad hoc query functionality
  • Validation tools on a variety of metrics—pricing, forecasting, etc.

Operations Group

Bridge the gap between sales and operations through Alpine’s proprietary software. The broker facing portal gives sales groups the insight into account status, enrollment details, and more—without burdening the operations team. 

Through Alpine’s seamless integration into a number of well recognized EDI and billing providers, the process of relaying information becomes hassle-free. Additional functionality specifically tailored for the supplier’s operations group includes:

  • Real-time status updates on accounts including active, dropped and rejected
  • Ability to easily manage and store contract customization and changes
  • Review and approve contracts and deals in a step-by-step process
  • Ability to send automated confirmations to agents for booked deals
  • Full error reporting and exceptions queue for support-related roles

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