Jim Deering

Jim Deering has over 20 years of energy industry experience and has been a part of three separate retail energy start-ups; Delhi Gas Pipeline, Exelon Energy and Nordic Energy Services. Deering has commensurate experience in all areas of the retail business including regulatory affairs, sales and marketing, and operations.  He is also involved in establishing strong supply relationships for both natural gas and electricity and oversees the development of Alpine’s customized software solutions. Through his management and energy expertise, Deering has lead retail supply companies to acquire thousands of residential and commercial customers behind numerous utilities across a dozen markets. Additionally, Deering holds a J.D. from The John Marshall School of Law.

Michael S Wood

Michael S Wood maintains diverse expertise in capital formation, strategic matters, and operations across several industries, including deregulated energy, commercial real estate finance, and television production and distribution.  Wood currently serves as an advisor to Nordic Energy Services, a leading retail energy supplier.  Prior to joining Nordic, Wood was President and CEO of Red Capital Partners, LLC based in Columbus, OH.   Wood also spent five years as Chief Financial Officer and Director of Business Development of Angel City Factory and its predecessor entity, a Los Angeles based television production and intellectual property company.  Wood holds a BBA degree and an MBA from Ohio University.

Frank Brumfield


Frank Brumfield began his career in the financial pits of the Chicago Board of Trade where he spent 18 years successfully trading financial futures. He also served as Chairman of the Five Year Pit committee for 8 years. Brumfield later developed a private investment portfolio consisting of a vast array of real estate holdings as well as a diverse set of entrepreneurial business interests. These companies are in a variety of fields including energy supply management. Currently, Brumfield serves on the Board of Directors of the following companies: Drive-Now Auto Credit, Optimum Financial, Pinnacle Medical Solutions, Working Person's Enterprises and most recent Alpine Energy Systems.