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Broker Management Portal

Engage agents and drive sales efforts with Alpine’s proprietary broker and sales management portal. This technology enables suppliers’ to interact with their sales organizations through a single interface. Integrating a portal-based approach frees up internal resources to crank up the volume on agent outreach, existing prospects, and overall growth. Additional features of Alpine’s broker portal technology include:

  • Leveled access for multi-level sales organizations and agents
  • Back-end agent support interface for internal supplier use
  • Simple deal entry process
  • Easy deal edit capability
  • Customize contracts available for agents to download on a deal-by-deal basis
  • Training materials for new users

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Custom Pricing Module

Give sales agents access to real-time custom pricing on each and every deal with Alpine’s pricing module. Through the easy to use agent-facing portal, suppliers’ sales agents can push quotes through in just a few steps and receive custom pricing back instantly. 

  • Integration with utility interfaces and EDI providers to return account-specific usage data
  • Automatic refreshed pricing
  • No hassle of rejecting bad matrix deals
  • Customized levels of supplier margin by ISO, state, utility and sales organization

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Sales Commissions Calculation

Make the commission process painless. By utilizing Alpine’s sales commission module, suppliers can quickly calculate commission by organization and communicate data directly to the agents. 

  • Apply unique commission payout structures by organization
  • Simplify the data gathering process through billing system and broker management portal integration
  • Reflect actual versus estimated commissions directly back to agents in the broker-facing portal
  • Assign unique identifiers to agent groups for accounting purposes

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